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(n.) To do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work. 

Meraki Wellness & Meraki Chiropractic are two holistic care companies combined in one holistic care center providing brain and nervous system focused, non-invasive modalities to help ensure optimal health and wellness for the whole family. We believe reducing interference within the body is essential to grow and sustain life at all stages. We care for all members of the family.

To help families reach optimal health by listening to their concerns, identifying root cause, and reduce interference and stressors within the body, allowing the body to heal and excel.

The elephant is symbolic of everything we hope to provide for our patients and our community; wisdom, grace, patience, success, experience, good luck, loyalty, companionship, unity, and more.


[May-rah-kee] Greek

Our Mission

The Elephant

Behind Meraki

We are two companies in one beautiful and welcoming space, Meraki Wellness and Meraki Chiropractic. We are family-owned and live in the community.

We are the Rufs, made up of Jordan, Dani, and our three dogs Abigail, Meika and Enzo. We live in Oak Grove and are active members of our local community.


Our Team

About the Dr.

Dani Ruf, D.C.

Dr. Dani grew up in Minnesota and joined the United States military right after high school. She served for eleven years as a combat and flight medic. Her foundation for chiropractic started long before she ever started chiropractic school. From a young age, she has always had a passion for helping others. She had originally planned to attend medical school, but after years of working with and in different hospitals, alongside many medical professionals, she realized she wanted to do more. She knew there was more to healthcare than treating the body as individual parts and symptoms; it needed to be treated as a whole system. In 2016, she met her now husband, Jordan, who introduced her to his father, Dr. Ken Ruf. Dr. Ruf introduced Dr. Dani to what chiropractic care really was and showed her that it was so much more than pain management; it was holistic healthcare.

Working as a chiropractic assistant in Dr. Ruf’s office is where she truly fell in love with the profession and decided to attend chiropractic school. She graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU) in 2023. While attending NWHSU, she spent many hours shadowing offices and doctors, attending seminar after seminar trying to learn as much as she could while strengthening her adjusting skills.


Dr. Dani is a highly qualified chiropractor with a wealth of experience in pediatric and family care. She is an active member of Brain Based Health Solutions, and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) Dr. Dani is a certified Webster practitioner and is working towards becoming a Chiropractic Neurologist. She has also received advanced training in brain and nervous system-focused chiropractic techniques, functional medicine, Cranial Sacral Therapy by Lori Hendrickson, and Dynamic Body Balancing by Dr. Carol Phillips.


Dr. Dani is committed to continuing to learn, ensuring that she can provide the best possible care to her community.

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Bri Lockwood, Integrative Practitioner, Meraki Wellness, Meraki Chiropractic, Care Advocate, Functional Medicine, Integrative Care Near Me, Functional Medicine Near Me, Oak Grove, MN

Integrative Practitioner

Bri Lockwood

Bri Lives in Oak Grove with her husband Jesse and two kids. Her passion for health came through her own struggles postpartum, her goal is to help moms get to the root cause of their health concerns so they can feel their best! Outside of being a practitioner, Bri loves to spend time with friends, workout, be outdoors, travel and is learning how to garden!

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Craniosacral Therapist

Beca Hartwig

Beca has a passion for holistic healing and ancestral living. In her free time she enjoys books and podcasts centered around total body support; mind, body and spirit. She thrives on helping you become your best self! Beca’s life centers around her home in Cambridge MN, where she’s chasing around her young children, learning the ins and outs of homeschooling, and cultivating growth alongside building a future on her

‘healing homestead’.

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"Since February 11th, 2024. I woke up and could barely move my legs. By Valentine's Day it got so bad I went to urgent care and per bad blood results got sent to the ER. Long boring story short I have not been able to walk. I have been to three physicians that were no help. At that point I was exhausted and feeling quite hopeless, since I felt unheard. It was as if not being able to move your legs was no big deal.
I decided to try Meraki Wellness. The first visit Dani spent 3 1/2 hours examining me, and listening to me. For the first time I felt that someone believed me that something was really wrong. The second appointment was today where she explained in depth a comprehensive plan of attack for the next month. After the visit today, it is the first day since the 11th that I can walk without a cane, with little to no pain in my legs. I still have a long road of recovery, but that's okay. I know I am in the good hands of God and Dr. Dani Ruf.
If you have anything going on with you health wise, I highly recommend the healing hands of Dani Ruf and her small business Meraki Wellness and Chiropractic. Thank you for hearing me, and giving me back the ability to walk, and hopefulness for the future. Your wellness clinic is an answer to my prayers."


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